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CQF Institute Career Talk
Quantitative Finance: Skills of the Future 

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This talk is open to all CQF Institute members and would be particularly valuable for students and professionals considering different careers in quant finance.


Join our expert panel as we explore what professionals need to succeed in quantitative finance now, and what skills and knowledge they might need in the future. We will consider how the field is changing, and look at how this impacts organizations and what they can do to maintain access to pipelines of talent in an increasingly competitive environment.

This event can earn you up to 2 CPD credits.

Learning objective:

The panel will explore and discuss how skills and knowledge in the quantitative finance sector are changing and evolving, considering the impact of individuals and organizations in the sector.

Learning outcomes:

Understand the critical expertise and knowledge for quantitative finance professionals
Appreciate how skills requirements are changing in the sector
Apply insight to their own learning and development

Confirmed speakers:

James Jarvis, Head of Research and Chair of the Investment Committee, Trium Capital
Katherina Duong-Bernet, Executive Director - EU Head of Business Dev, Millennium Global Investments
Natalia Hencsey, Global Head of Sellside Risk Sales, Bloomberg L.P.
Fabien De Keyn, Director, Deloitte
Dr. Randeep Gug, Managing Director, CQF Institute
Matthew Hall, Associate Director, CQF Institute