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A Generalised Procedure for Locating the Optimal Capital Structure

This article presents a generalisation of an earlier approach for determining and locating the optimal capital structure of a corporate firm. 

Ruben D. Cohen
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A Machine Learning-Based Trading Strategy Using Sentiment Analysis Data

In this white paper, Lucena found that constructing portfolios using RavenPack sentiment indicators jointly with traditional factors can result in significant outperformance versus...

Lucena Research - RavenPack
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A “Multi-Topics” Approach to Building Quant Models

In this research, RavenPack demonstrate how their improved event detection technology allow investors to systematically identify key topics and market-moving events. 

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Bond over Big Data - Trading bond futures (& FX) with RavenPack news data

The author uses the RavenPack Analytics Global Macro data to create news-based economic indices (NBESI) for the U.S., E.Z, U.K. and Japan which they then test against sovereign bond futures prices. 

The Thalesians - RavenPack
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Building Your Wings on the Way Down

Aaron Brown discusses financial risk in this article from Wilmott Magazine.

Aaron Brown
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Can anyone solve the smile problem?

Within this paper the authors explore whether the smile problem can be solved and provide a general reflection of the problem. 

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Cash Only

There are only two times in your life when you will need money: now and later. Hopefully, you are prepared for both occasions and if not, don't worry - there is plenty to go around!

Edward Talisse
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CUDA Programming Using Wolfram Finance Platform

This document describes the benefits of CUDA integration in Wolfram Finance Platform and provides some applications for which it is suitable.

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Dead on Arrival - Living Wills and Liquidity

With surprisingly little fanfare, the Federal Reserve and other prudential regulators completely rejected the ‘Living Wills’ submitted by eleven of the largest U.S. Bank Holding Companies (BHCs).

Edward Talisse
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How to use Natural Language Processing for Multi-Topic Quant Investing

In this article, Peter Hafez discusses how investors need the right tools to cut through the noise to uncover the signal behind the latest move in the markets.

Peter Hafez