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The Institute’s Steering Group consists of leading practitioners and academics. The group consults and advises on changes in the quantitative finance industry and in the teaching and learning of quantitative finance. They assist with developing the strategic direction for the Institute by providing knowledge and experience within their fields of excellence.


Dr. Paul Wilmott

CQF Founder and Proprietor, Wilmott Associates

Dr. Paul Wilmott is internationally renowned as a leading expert on quantitative finance. He is a researcher, author, consultant, lecturer and expert witness working in risk management, derivatives and most things quantitative in finance.

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Managing Director

Dr. Randeep Gug

Managing Director, CQF Institute

Dr. Randeep Gug is the Managing Director of the CQF Institute and a lecturer on the Certificate in Quantitative Finance (CQF). He spent five years working in the Equities division at Salomon Smith Barney and later traded futures and options on the Indian National Stock Exchange (NSE). He is a qualified teacher, holds a 1st class honours degree and a PhD for research in semiconductor physics. He is a CQF Alumnus, and his current interests are based around improving and promoting the teaching and learning of Quant Finance.

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Steering Group Members

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Edward O. Thorp

Executive, Edward O. Thorp Associates

Edward Oakley Thorp is a Chicago born mathematics professor, hedge fund manager, author, and blackjack player. As a pioneer in modern applications of probability theory, Edward was one of the first to harness small correlations for reliable financial gain.

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Conrad Wolfram

Strategic Director, Wolfram Research

Conrad Wolfram is the younger Wolfram of Wolfram Research – consisting of Wolfram Alpha, Demonstrations and the core underlying technology, Mathematica. He founded the European Wolfram Research in 1991 after his brother Stephen set up the headquarters in the US.

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Dr. Patrick Hagan

Managing Director, GAFE Rates at Scotiabank

Dr. Patrick Hagan is the Managing Director at GAFE Rates at Scotiabank. Over the years he has worked at Bloomberg and several banks designing trading systems for fixed income, credit, and foreign exchange derivatives, as well as developing the component models, calibration methods, and numerical algorithm.

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