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Quantitative Finance: Skills of the Future

In this video, an expert panel of CQF alumni explore what professionals need to succeed in quantitative finance now, and what skills and knowledge they might need in the future. 

James Jarvis, Katherina Duong-Bernet, Natalia Hencsey, Fabien De Keyn, Dr. Randeep Gug, Matthew Hall
1 hour and 0 mins
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Machine Learning in Systematic Futures Allocation: A Model Comparison using Price-Based Features

In this video, Tony Guida explores systematic trend following strategies and compares the results of generic and machine learning based approaches. 

Tony Guida
58 mins
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ESG and Shareholder Value

In this video, Professor Aaron Yoon discusses the state of ESG investing, the ESG initiatives that are likely to see a financial payoff, and what it will take for the sector to continue to thrive.

Professor Aaron Yoon
56 mins
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Annual Quant Insights Conference

Watch the recordings from November's Quant Insights Conference. Enjoy talks from Dr. Paul Wilmott, Professor Carol Alexander, Elie Ayache, Rachel Ziemba, and many more.

Available for 3 days
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Quant Insights Conference: ESG & Climate Risk in Quant Finance

Watch the recordings from September's ESG & Climate Risk in Quant Finance Conference. Enjoy talks from Nobel Laureate, Professor Robert Engle, Dr. Robert Litterman, Asha Mehta, and many more.

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Quant Insights Conference: Quantum Computing in Finance

Watch the recordings from the July 2022 Quant Insights Conference. Enjoy talks from David Orrell, Dr. Araceli Venegas-Gomez, Dr. Oleksiy Kondratyev, and many more to discover the latest innovations in quantum computing.