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Running Quantitative Analytics with Google Dataflow

In this video you will find out about the evolution of streaming engines, patterns used to connect the engines to external libraries and more.


1 hour and 14 mins
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What Every Quant Should Know About Technical Computing

In this video, we will take a deep dive into the modern CPU, showing how to write code that takes full advantage of the performance and accuracy features available today. 

Avik Sengupta
2 hours and 0 mins
Available for 3 weeks 2 days
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Calculating PRIPPs KID Key Using Mathematica and UnRisk

This talk focuses on packaged retail investment and insurance-based products and how Mathematica and UnRisk can be used to get Key Ratios.

Michael Aichinger
34 mins
Available for 10 hours
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Forecasting Performance of Markov-Switching GARCH Models: A Large-Scale Empirical Study

Through a large-scale forecasting performance analysis, we investigate if MSGARCH have any practical value for risk managers.

Dr. David Ardia
41 mins
Available for 1 week 5 days
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Zero to AI (7/7)

In this video series Jon McLoone introduces the main concepts of machine learning in approximately 60 minutes.

Jon McLoone
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Quant Bites Series

Watch these bite-sized videos focusing on the impact quant finance is having in leading practitioners fields.

CQF Faculty
10 mins
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Key Ideas in Quant Finance Series 2

In these short videos Dr. Alonso Peña looks at an individual concept or “key idea” and its evolution. Together these key ideas form the foundation upon which the quant finance industry builds every day.

Alonso Peña
15 mins
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Mathematics for Quantitative Finance

This video lecture series provides premium members with a refresher on mathematics in quant finance from CQF Faculty member Dr. Riaz Ahmad.

Riaz Ahmad
6 hours and 14 mins
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Quant Insight Conference 2016 (10/10)

Quant Insight 2016 brought together leading practitioners in the field to explore trends in technology and its uses in quant finance.

CQF Institute, Wilmott and Wiley