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The Development and Evolution of Mean-Variance Efficient Portfolios in the US and Japan

In this talk, Dr. John Guerard explores the history of efficient portfolios in the US and Japan.

Dr. John Guerard
56 mins
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Quant Insights Conference

Watch the recordings from the November 2023 Annual Quant Insights Conference. 

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Blockchain and Bitcoin: A Mathematical Introduction to Bitcoin

In this video, Dr. Julien Riposo explores the complex interconnections between blockchain and bitcoin, from a mathematical perspective.

Dr. Julien Riposo
58 mins
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A Day in the Life of a Quant Trader

In this video, Vitor Angrisani shares invaluable insights into his role as a Quantitative Equity Trader. 

Vitor Angrisani
1 hour and 4 mins
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Congratulations to the January 2023 CQF Graduates

Dr. Randeep Gug, Managing Director of CQF and CQF Institute, congratulates the January 2023 CQF Graduates.

Dr. Randeep Gug
2 mins
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The Importance Of Being Scrambled: Supercharged Quasi-Monte Carlo

In this video, Sergei Kucherenko and Julien Hok compare different scrambling methods and applications of Randomized Quasi-Monte Carlo.

Sergei Kucherenko, Julien Hok
44 mins
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Machine Learning in Quant Finance Conference

Watch the recordings from the September 2023 Machine Learning in Quant Finance Conference.

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Capital Valuation Adjustments

In this video, Matthias Arnsdorf attempts to clarify the role of the capital valuation adjustment (KVA).

Matthias Arnsdorf
54 mins
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How to Build a Standout Quant Resume: Best Practices

In this video, Patrick Flanagan provides useful hints and tips into building an impactful resume. 

Patrick Flanagan
48 mins
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Black-Scholes 50th Anniversary Conference

Watch the recordings from the June 2023 Black-Scholes 50th Anniversary Conference. Enjoy talks from Professor Myron Scholes, Dr. Paul Wilmott, Dr. Laura Ballotta, and more.