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Financial Applications of Quantum Computing

In this talk, Dr. David Garvin discusses why quantum computing is important, the basic quantum computing concepts, and highlights possible applications within the financial industry. It will also discuss steps which financial institutions can take to become quantum ready.

Dr. David Garvin
1 hour and 0 mins
Available for 3 weeks 2 days
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Annual Quant Insights Conference

Watch the recordings from November's Quant Insights Conference. Enjoy talks from Dr. Paul Wilmott, Professor Carol Alexander, Elie Ayache, Rachel Ziemba, and many more.

Available for 1 month 17 days
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Tell me, what exactly is diversification and how do we evaluate it?

In this talk, Jean-Paul Jaegers explores diversification and optimizing portfolios. 

Jean-Paul Jaegers
48 mins
Available for 4 days
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Quant Insights Conference: ESG & Climate Risk in Quant Finance

Watch the recordings from September's ESG & Climate Risk in Quant Finance Conference. Enjoy talks from Nobel Laureate, Professor Robert Engle, Dr. Robert Litterman, Asha Mehta, and many more.

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Quant Insights Conference: Quantum Computing in Finance

Watch the recordings from the July 2022 Quant Insights Conference. Enjoy talks from David Orrell, Dr. Araceli Venegas-Gomez, Dr. Oleksiy Kondratyev, and many more to discover the latest innovations in quantum computing.