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Exploiting Alternative Data in the Investment Process

Peter Hafez provides an overview of RavenPack's Big Data Analytics with a focus on the recent developments of the RavenPack product. In addition, Peter presents his latest work on news impact asymmetries.

Peter Hafez
1 hour and 57 mins
Available for 1 month 12 days
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Anomalies and Opportunities in the FX Option Market

During this talk, Dr. Jessica James reviews the market from its beginnings to its current day, showing where it has been wrong and which anomalies persist.

Dr. Jessica James
1 hour and 10 mins
Available for 1 month 25 days
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Stochastic Filtering in Electronic Trading

Dr. Paul Bilokon provides an overview of the methods of stochastic filtering: from Kalman, to particle, to assumed density filtering at our Quant Insights Conference 2016.

Dr. Paul Bilokon
28 mins
Available for 1 week 6 days
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Julia: A New Approach for Quantitative Finance

This talk describes how Julia’s features make it ideal to use as a single language across the entire lifecycle, from exploratory analysis to production, within quantitative finance.

Avik Sengupta
30 mins
Available for 1 month 11 days
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Optimizing pandas for Performance

During this talk, Jeff Reback discusses and illustrates useful tips and techniques which can be used when optimizing pandas; such as how to optimize performance and the Do's and Don'ts when writing code. 

Jeff Reback
39 mins
Available for 1 month 18 days
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Navigating Stock Market Crashes in the Brexit Trump Era

In this talk, Dr. Bill Ziemba discusses stock market crashes in the Brexit/Trump era. He focuses on four big crash measures, and various corrective actions that can help us understand these issues.

Dr. Bill Ziemba
2 hours and 33 mins
Available for 3 weeks 5 days
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Quant Tech: Where Do We Stand?

An expert panel at our For Python Quants conference debates the current state of quantitative technology.

Expert Industry Panel
40 mins
Available for 1 month 4 days
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Quant Bites Series

Watch these bite-sized videos focusing on the impact quant finance is having in leading practitioners fields.

CQF Faculty
10 mins
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Using Financial Data from Quandl with Python

Carrie Shaw & Jason Byck show how to use Financial Data from their Quandl platform with Python at our FPQ Conference in New York.

Carrie Shaw & Jason Byck
26 mins
Available for 2 weeks 6 days
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Derivatives Funding, Netting and Accounting

Dr. Mats Kjaer delivers his talk on derivatives funding, netting and accounting at last year's Quant Insights conference in London.

Dr. Mats Kjaer
40 mins
Available for 6 days