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Quant Insight Conference 2016

Quant Insight 2016 brought together leading practitioners in the field to explore trends in technology, its uses in quant finance, trading and for Fintech business innovation.

CQF Institute, Wilmott and Wiley
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Financial Network Models with Python

During this talk, Dr. Miguel Vaz discusses the interconnectedness of the financial system which, poses problems that network models are meant to address. 

Dr. Miguel Vaz
33 mins
Available for 2 weeks 3 days
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Latest Innovations in Financial Time Series & Mathematical Optimization

During this talk, Dr Rebecca Killick delivers 'Financial Time Series: Changepoints, structural breaks, segmentations and other stories' and Jan Fiala and Benjamin Marteau talks about their recent work.

Dr. Rebecca Killick, Jan Fiala and Benjamin Marteau
1 hour and 39 mins
Available for 2 days
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Bank of America Credit Card Receivables: Accounting and Hedging Implications of Poor Prepayment Modeling

During this talk, Juan Ramirez talks about how prepayment modeling of financial instruments is complex and the potential implications. 

Juan Ramirez
1 hour and 17 mins
Available for 1 week 3 days
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Quant Bites Series

Watch these bite-sized videos focusing on the impact quant finance is having in leading practitioners fields.

CQF Faculty
10 mins
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Key Ideas in Quant Finance Series 2

In these short videos Dr. Alonso Peña looks at an individual concept or “key idea” and its evolution. Together these key ideas form the foundation upon which the quant finance industry builds every day.

Alonso Peña
15 mins
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Mathematics for Quantitative Finance

This video lecture series provides premium members with a refresher on mathematics in quant finance from CQF Faculty member Dr. Riaz Ahmad.

Riaz Ahmad
6 hours and 14 mins