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What is the Future of Quant Finance?

Leading industry practitioners give their view on the question 'What is the future of Quant Finance?' at our Quant Insights Conference.

Expert Industry Panel
45 mins
Available for 1 month 15 days
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Algo My Way, You Go Your Way – Four Decades in Business

CQF Institute President Dr. Paul Wilmott provides some insight into starting your own firm based on his more than four decades in business.

Dr. Paul Wilmott
29 mins
Available for 1 month 22 days
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Can You Turn Data into a Competitive Advantage?

Dr. Michael Aichinger delivers his talk at our QI Conference on UnRisk's attempts to unify heterogeneous "knowledge silos" and make the power of large scale simulations available to the whole enterprise.

Dr. Michael Aichinger
32 mins
Available for 3 weeks 1 day
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Quant Bites Series

Watch these bite-sized videos focusing on the impact quant finance is having in leading practitioners fields.

CQF Faculty
10 mins
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Anomalies and Opportunities in the FX Option Market

Dr. Jessica James presents a review of the FX Option market from its beginning to the current day, showing where it has been wrong and which anomalies persist.

Dr. Jessica James
1 hour and 10 mins
Available for 1 month 8 days
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How to Build a CTA with PyThalesians

Saeed Amen explains how to build a CTA with his open source library PyThalesians, at our For Python Quants Conference 2015 in London.

Saeed Amen
23 mins
Available for 2 weeks 1 day
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Financial Network Models with Python

Dr. Miguel Vaz discusses the use of financial network models with the python programming language at our FPQ Conference in New York.

Dr. Miguel Vaz
33 mins
Available for 1 month 1 day
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Hedge Fund 2.0: The Era of the Cyborg

Bryan Wisk presents his talk at our For Python Quants 2016 Conference in New York on the evolution of the hedgefund industry. 

Bryan Wisk
22 mins
Available for 1 day
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Key Ideas in Quant Finance Series 2

In these short videos Dr. Alonso Peña looks at an individual concept or “key idea” and its evolution. Together these key ideas form the foundation upon which the quant finance industry builds every day.

Alonso Peña
15 mins
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Mathematics for Quantitative Finance

This video lecture series provides premium members with a refresher on mathematics in quant finance from CQF Faculty member Dr. Riaz Ahmad.

Riaz Ahmad
6 hours and 14 mins