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Artificial Intelligence in Trading

In this talk, Shivaram KR explains why there is artificial intellingence in trading and how to build a robust trading strategy using machine learning and deep learning. 

Shivaram KR
1 hour and 51 mins
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Are Spikes and Shocks Making Value and Risk Less Predictable?

In this video, Dr. Stephen Weston explores recent price spikes and asks whether spikes and shocks are making value and risk less predictable.

Dr. Stephen Weston
1 hour and 3 mins
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How Jim Simons and a Group of Unlikely Mathematicians Solved the Market and Launched a Quantitative Revolution

In this video Gregory Zuckerman explains how a group of unlikely Mathematicians launched a quantitative revolution.

Gregory Zuckerman
1 hour and 4 mins
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Market Maker Positioning and the Recent Market Meltdown

In this video, Hari P. Krishnan discusses the internal market factors that increased the violence of the equity market meltdown in February and March 2020, focussing specifically on the role options market makers (or "dealers") played in the crisis.

Hari P. Krishnan
1 hour and 28 mins
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Neural Parametric Models: Novel Modelling Methods in Finance

In this talk, Thijs van den Berg presents a novel generic machine learning modelling method to learn and extract parametric models and calibration algorithm directly from data.

Thijs van den Berg
1 hour and 2 mins
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Principal Component Analysis for Financial Time Series

This video covers; Principal component analysis (PCA) with illustrations using Python.

Dr. Artur Sepp
1 hour and 16 mins