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Amaranthus Extermino

What does the 2006 Amaranth Advisors natural gas hedge fund disaster tell us about the state of hedge funds?

Bill Ziemba and Rachel Ziemba
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Black-Litterman in Continuous Time: The Case for Filtering

Dr. Mark Davis and Dr. Sébastien Lleo extend the Black–Litterman approach to a continuous time setting.

Mark Davis & Sébastien Lleo
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Democratization of Hedge Funds and Alternatives

In this article, Kristoffer Houlihan offers some advice for private clients and family offices entering the hedge fund investment space, and some practical considerations when evaluating an emerging manager.

Kristoffer Houlihan
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Introduction to Variance Swaps

The purpose of this article is to introduce the properties of variance swaps, and give insights into the hedging and valuation of these instruments from the particular lens of an option trader.

Sebastien Bossu
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Numerical Methods for the Markov Functional Model

Some numerical methods for efficient implementation of the 1- and 2-factor Markov Functional models of interest rate derivatives are proposed.

Simon Johnson
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Sensible Sensitivities for the SABR Model

In this article published by the Wilmott magazine, Chibane, Miao and Xu develop a new methodology for computing smile sensitivities (Vegas) for European securities priced under the SABR model when the latter is calibrated to more market volatilities than the number of available model parameters.

Messaoud Chibane, Hong Miao, and Chenghai Xu
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The Honest Truth about Dishonesty: Market Manipulation and Why Some Strings are More Powerful than Others

This short piece by Edward Talisse looks at the ways in which financial institutions and individuals have manipulated the market over the years and what it means for the future.

Edward Talisse
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What I Knew and When I Knew It - Part 2

Mathematician, Ed Thorp, looks back to the creation of the world's first market-neutral hedge fund and pre-empting Black-Scholes.

Ed Thorp