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Blockchain and Bitcoin: A Mathematical Introduction to Bitcoin

58.00 mins
Dr. Julien Riposo
Tue 12 Dec 2023

Event Abstract:

Dive into the dynamic world of blockchain technology and bitcoin in this presentation, "Blockchain and Bitcoin: a Mathematical Introduction to Bitcoin". Tailored specifically for professionals engaged in quantitative finance, this presentation ventures beyond the standard technicality, exploring the intricate fabric interlining Blockchain and Bitcoin through the lens of cutting-edge mathematics.

The session takes inspiration from the groundbreaking book, "Some Fundamentals of Mathematics of Blockchain" (Springer), woven particularly for blockchain, cryptocurrency, finance and mathematics enthusiasts. This talk delves deep into the cryptographic hashes basics and the decentralized ledger systems that shape the backbone of these digital enigmas.

About the Speaker:

Julien’s extensive research features in prominent academic publications such as Nature, Springer, Non-Linear Studies. He recently published the book « Some Fundamentals of Mathematics of Blockchain » (Springer). 

In addition, he was awarded the Louise Arconati Visconti prize from the Chancellerie des Universités de Paris (2011) as well as the Wilmott Award from the Wilmott Institute (2019) when completing his Certificate in Quantitative Finance. He also is the author of a philosophical essay. His interest is mainly in general mathematics.

He holds a Masters degree in Theoretical Physics from École Normale Supérieure (France), as well as a PhD in Applied Mathematics from Pierre and Marie Curie University (France).

Julien held senior analytical positions at the likes of Fintegral, NetOTC, ICE,  ISDA, and Bitstocks, where he was leading the research department as its Chief Research Officer. He now is Researcher and Manager at the London Stock Exchange Group.