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Event Details

Date: Wednesday, 16th November 2022
Time: 12:00 – 15:00 GMT 
Location: Online
Tickets: Free for CQF Institute Members

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Sessions announced so far:

Quantitative Finance Skills of the Future 

Dr. Paul Wilmott, Founder, Certificate in Quantitative Finance (CQF)
Dr. Randeep Gug, CQF Institute, Managing Director

In a recent CQF Institute poll, 92% of respondents expected the skill sets of quant finance professionals to change significantly in the next five years. In addition to traditional mathematical expertise, rapid developments in computing require novel problem solving and research techniques. Meanwhile, the rewards for those with the right skills continue to rise, with demand for qualified candidates outstripping supply in many markets. 

Join our expert panel as we explore what professionals need to succeed in quantitative finance now, and what skills and knowledge they might need in future. We will consider how the field is changing, and look at how organisations can maintain access to pipelines of talent in an increasingly competitive environment.

Diversity Equity and Inclusion within Quant Finance

Heidi Lanford, Chief Data Officer, Fitch Group (Panel Chair)
Chantelle Nyarko, EMEA Diversity & Inclusion Director, Morgan Stanley
Elenita Elinon, Executive Director, J.P. Morgan 

Inequality and lack of inclusion is well acknowledged as a significant challenge for the financial sector. Increasing the participation of underrepresented groups is of critical importance to society, and evidence is growing that improving diversity can have a powerful positive effect of commercial performance.

Our panel will consider solutions to address the challenges, with a focus on the practical action that individuals and firms can take to improve diversity, equity, and inclusion across the field of quantitative finance.

Keynote Speech - Title TBC

Natalia Hencsey, Global Head of Sell-side Risk Sales, Bloomberg

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