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CQF Institute Delhi Society Meeting: Quantitative Trading and Black Swan Risk : Practical Aspects.

Join online in India only for our first CQF Institute Delhi Society Meeting

Speaker: Pankaj Mani

Date: Wednesday, 27 May 2020
Time: 18:00 - 20:00 IST

CQF Institute is proud to bring you our first Delhi Society Meeting with Pankaj Mani.


This talk will focus on the Black Swan risks in Quantitative Trading and Investing Strategies Practically.  During this talk, Pankaj will show how to test the fragility and anti-fragility of various strategies with respect to fat-tailed risks that can blow up the trading and investing systems unpredictably . It will further focus on how it's often underestimated by many players in the industry.

Speaker Bio

Pankaj Mani is a CQF and FRM holder having a mathematical background. He co-authors and collaborates on various research projects with internationally renowned veterans in trading and investment. He professionally specializes as a  Quant Options Trader and Equity Portfolio Investment Manager having performed competitively in the industry.