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Join Daniele Bernardi to discover how the fair value price of Bitcoin can be estimated using micro-economic models.

13:00 EDT / 18:00 BST / 19:00 CEST

Event Abstract:

Bitcoin is a very young digital asset, only 15 years old, and many people are still in doubt as to whether or not it has any intrinsic value.

In fact, it is complicated to value an asset that is intrinsically linked to the transactional system it powers, and by the system of generating new Bitcoins, the so-called Proof of Work that is equally complicated to estimate.

Only by relying on the criteria of micro economics, i.e., demand, supply, and cost of production, it is possible to understand that not only does Bitcoin have a fair value price, but also that it is relatively easy to estimate its long-term trends, despite the very high volatility to which it is subjected.

About the Speaker:

Daniele Bernardi is a serial entrepreneur, constantly searching for innovation. His activity is oriented to the development of mathematical models, to simplify investors and family offices decision making processes, and reduce risks associated with investment allocations. His papers about innovation in finance were published by Wilmott Magazine and by Journal of Accounting and Finance. His models, indexes, and indicators have been presented in international conferences such as the Financial Management Association Conference in Denver, the World Financial Conference in Shanghai and World Financial Management Association Conference in Venice and Nashville.

Since 2016 Daniele is actively researching the digital asset space and in 2018 founded Diaman Partners, an investment company specialized in crypto-related asset, managing a hedge fund since 2020, he launched an alternative fund in 2022 in Luxemburg, and the first UCITS fund in Europe that invest in crypto related assets (ETPs) in June this year.

Daniele is also author of 2 published books about investing in Digital Assets and an important contributor in the industry with frequent articles.