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Talk Overview
This talk discusses four big crash measures and various corrective actions to help understand these issues. Regarding stock market crashes, we have at least five issues:

- When is there a bubble in a financial market?
- Can you exit the bubble at a good price and time?
- Can you predict large crashes averaging a decline of about 25%?
- Small declines that occur for surprise reasons or are expected, e.g. Brexit, the Trump election and what can we do about them?
- How many such deadlines do individual and institutional investors expect and of what size?

Speaker Biography
Dr. William Ziemba is the Alumni Professor of Financial Modeling and Stochastic Optimzation (Emeritus) at the University of British Columbia and a distinguished visiting associate at the London School of Economics. His research is in asset-liability management, portfolio theory and practice, security market imperfections, Japanese and Asian financial markets, sports and lottery investments and applied stochastic programming.


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