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Brought to you by the CQF Institute and The Python Quants, these intensive, one-day bootcamps develop your knowledge using practical case studies for both experienced and beginner finance professionals using Python.

Monday 8th May - Introduction to Finance with Python Bootcamp

This bootcamp will introduce you to modern finance theory and how to use Python as a programming language for computations.
The day will cover, among others, the following topics:

- Setting up a local Python environment
- Introduction to the Quant Platform (
- Fundamental notions, concepts and results in finance
- Basic data types and structures in Python
- Fundamentals of NumPy arrays for numerical computations
- Basic concepts and approaches in linear algebra and optimization
- Some basic visualization approaches

Tuesday 9th May - Python for Financial Data Science Bootcamp

This bootcamp day introduces the most important Python packages for data science, like NumPy, pandas or matplotlib.
The day will cover basic concepts, topics and idioms of importance for financial analytics and/or application development projects:

- Introducing the Quant Platform (
- Concepts and approaches with NumPy and pandas
- Time series management with pandas and basic operations
- Advanced operations on pandas DataFrame objects
- Performant IO operations with Numpy and pandas
- Selected performance issues and approaches for financial analytics
- Static and interactive data visualization of numerical and time series data

Wednesday 10th May - Python for Algorithmic Trading Bootcamp (I)
This bootcamp day covers selected topics central in Python for Algorithmic Trading:

- Getting of & working with financial data
- Vectorized backtesting of algorithmic trading strategies
- Stock market prediction with regression, machine & deep learning
- Event-based backtesting of algorithmic trading strategies

Thursday 11th May - Python for Algorithmic Trading Bootcamp (II)
This bootcamp day covers selected topics central in Python for Algorithmic Trading:

- Working with real-time/streaming data via sockets
- Visualization of real-time/streaming data
- Connecting to and working with online broker platforms
- Automated execution of algorithmic trading strategies
- Automation of strategy deployment in the cloud

Tickets & Discounts

Early Bird tickets available until 12th April. Ticket prices include 30 days access to the recordings (video on demand).

Live - $445
Online $345

CQF Institute Basic Members - 10%
CQF Alumni & Current Delgates - 20%
CQF Institute Premium Members - 30%

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