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Event Abstract:

The landscape of artificial intelligence has been significantly reshaped by the advent of generative models, with prominent examples like GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) serving as examples of its transformative potential. This presentation delves into the evolution, current state, and future prospects of generative AI, with a specific focus on GPT-based models.

Beginning with an exploration of the historical context, we uncover the foundational concepts that paved the way for generative AI. From early neural networks to recurrent and convolutional architectures, the journey of AI's generative capabilities unfolds as we trace the development of techniques that culminated in the creation of GPT.

Moving to the present, we delve into the intricate workings of GPT-based models, unraveling their autoregressive nature and fine-tuning mechanisms. The presentation highlights the underlying architecture that facilitates context-aware text generation, along with a nuanced understanding of instruction-tuning and reinforcement learning from human feedback (RLHF) techniques that have propelled these models to new heights.

However, the story does not end with the present. As we peer into the future horizons, we navigate through the potential applications and ethical considerations that accompany the proliferation of generative AI. We examine the challenges posed by issues such as bias, misinformation, and unintended consequences, while also envisioning the positive impact these models could have on creative industries, personalized assistance, and beyond.

About the Speaker:

Borja Garcia Haendler stands as a seasoned professional who has traversed a diverse and enriching path within the financial services industry and the realm of business. His profile has pronounced emphasis on treasury systems and financial technology, particularly the renowned Murex platform. With an expansive portfolio that spans configuration, implementation, upgrade, migration, and support of Murex – a leading trading and risk management system prevalent in the financial sector – Experience in a spectrum of financial instruments including Interest Rates Derivatives, Equities, FX, Fixed Income, Credit Derivatives, and Commodities.

Currently, Borja heads MRPC Asia and serves as a Data Scientist at the CRO Asia Innovation AI Lab at Julius Baer. His role involves overseeing Market Risk and Product Control in the Asia region. Borja is currently engaged in an apprenticeship at NeuroMonetics, dedicating his efforts to non-profit initiatives for democratize blockchain analytics

Other experiences were at Bank of Singapore, as a Senior Business Analyst, contributing profoundly to the analysis and management of Private Bank projects. Participant at Murex, working as a Front Office IRD Senior Consultant, pivotal to the upgrade and production support of the Murex system. At Maltem Consulting marked him as a Tech Lead and Senior Murex Consultant, where he was integral to Murex upgrade and implementation projects.