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The Institute’s Research Group aims to contribute to the exchange of ideas and updates on market practice in the field of quantitative finance. Through collaborative research CQF academics help shape the quantitative modeling and techniques employed by practitioners.

We actively engage with CQF alumni who pursue modeling and research and invite members of the Institute to work with us.

We welcome Institute members who are involved in a particular area of research to get involved and contact us. Please state your area of interest and the faculty member you would like to work with.

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Paul Wilmott

CQF Founder and Proprietor, Wilmott Associates

Paul Wilmott is internationally renowned as a leading expert on quantitative finance. Paul is a researcher, author, consultant, lecturer and expert witness working in risk management, derivatives and most things quantitative in finance.

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Dr. Richard Diamond

CQF Lecturer, Fitch Learning

Dr. Richard Vladimir Diamond has seven years of experience in statistics teaching and application. He advises family offices on private equity, asset allocation, investment performance and effectiveness of hedges.

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