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Quant Insight Conference 2016 (10/10)

Quant Insight 2016 brought together leading practitioners in the field to explore trends in technology and its uses in quant finance.

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How the FINTECH Revolution Impacts Quant Finance

In this talk, Susanne provides an overview on the booming fintech scene and the latest trends such as "WealthTECH".

Thu 2 Nov 2017
Susanne Chishti
31 mins
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The Future of Financial Computation: Capabilities and Delivery

In this talk, Conrad Wolfram discusses whether improving computation has been a major driving force in finance.

Thu 19 Oct 2017
Conrad Wolfram
36 mins
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“Algo My Way, You Go Your Way” – Four Decades in Business

Dr. Paul Wilmott provides some insight into starting your own firm based on his more than four decades in business. 

Thu 5 Oct 2017
Dr. Paul Wilmott
29 mins
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Stochastic Filtering in Electronic Trading

This talk provides an overview of the methods of stochastic filtering: from Kalman, to particle, to assumed density filtering.

Wed 20 Sep 2017
Dr. Paul Bilokon
28 mins
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A New Approach for Quantitative Finance

This talk describes how Julia's features make it ideal to use as a single language across the entire lifecycle, from exploratory analysis to production, within quantitative finance.

Wed 6 Sep 2017
Avik Sengupta
30 mins
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A Look at the Field of Natural Language Processing and News Analytics in Trading

James Isilay discusses how unstructured data contains tradable information that is time-consuming to extract manually & subject to interpretation.

Wed 23 Aug 2017
James Isilay
25 mins
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Bitcoin and Blockchain, Opening the Blackbox with Python

This talk with Dr. Yves Hilpisch is based around crypto-currencies, like Bitcoin, and their underlying technology, the blockchain.

Wed 9 Aug 2017
Dr. Yves Hilpisch
40 mins
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Can You Turn Data into a Competitive Advantage?

During this talk, Dr. Michael Aichinger from UnRisk speaks about their attempts to unify heterogeneous "knowledge silos" and make the power of large scale simulations available to the whole enterprise.

Wed 26 Jul 2017
Dr. Michael Aichinger
32 mins
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Black Swan Events - What Can We Learn from Derivatives Data?

During this talk, Dr. Philippe Henrotte discusses calibrating a rich model on a large set of derivatives data and how it can help uncover the rare but large events priced in the market but impervious to statistical analysis. 

Wed 12 Jul 2017
Dr. Philippe Henrotte
26 mins
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The Future of Technology in Quant Finance

In this video, an expert panel made up of leading industry practitioners answers the questions surrounding the future of technology in quant finance at our Quant Insights Conference 2016.

Fri 16 Dec 2016
Expert Industry Panel
42 mins