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Revisiting FVA: Shareholder and Bondholder Perspectives

Andrew Green revisits FVA models, looking at shareholder and bondholder values.

Wed 11 Jan 2017
Dr. Andrew Green
51 min(s)
Available for 51 days
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Hedge Fund 2.0: The Era of the Cyborg

Bryan Wisk presents his talk at our For Python Quants 2016 Conference in New York on the evolution of the hedgefund industry. 

Wed 4 Jan 2017
Bryan Wisk
22 min(s)
Available for 44 days
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Black Swan Events – What Can We Learn from Derivatives Data?

Dr. Philippe Henrotte delivers his talk at Quant Insights Conference 2016 on how we can learn from derivates data in relation to black swan events.

Fri 16 Dec 2016
Dr. Philippe Henrotte
26 min(s)
Available for 37 days
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The Future of Technology in Quant Finance

In this video, an expert panel made up of leading industry practiioners answers the questions surrounding the future of technology in quant finance at our Quant Insights Conference 2016.

Fri 16 Dec 2016
Expert Industry Panel
42 min(s)
Available for 2 days
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The Second Leg Down: Strategies for Surviving a Market Sell Off

 Dr. Hari Krishnan delivers his talk at this year's CQFI & Wiley Lecture Series focusing on stratergies for surviving a market sell off.

Thu 15 Dec 2016
Dr. Hari Krishnan
1 hour and 20 min(s)
Available for 23 days
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xlwings - Rapid Development of Excel Tools with Python

Felix Zumstein delivers his talk at this years FPQ Conference in New York on the rapid development of Excel tools with Python.

Wed 7 Dec 2016
Felix Zumstein
31 min(s)
Available for 16 days
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Quant Bites - Structured Products

In this bite-sized video Dr. Alonso Peña discusses the complex subject of Structure Products in quant finance.

Thu 22 Sep 2016
Dr. Alonso Peña
5 min(s)
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The Basel Agreements

In this video Dr. Alonso Peña outlines the three basel agreements and the impacts it had on the global finance community.

Thu 22 Sep 2016
Dr. Alonso Peña
11 min(s)
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Structured Products

In this video Dr. Alonso Peña defines what is meant by structured products, and how it is used in quantitative finance.

Wed 14 Sep 2016
Dr. Alonso Peña
11 min(s)
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Multi Curve Term Structure Modelling

Dr. Marc Hennard presents his talk at last year's Quant Insights conference on multi curve modelling.

Wed 7 Sep 2016
Dr. Marc Hennard
35 min(s)